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REALM members and some of their spouses meet each Thursday for a good time with fellow retirees. Come join us, we need more bowlers. your skill level is not important as we have low, medium and even a couple of high average bowlers. Typically :     We are a 24 team league
                   We start bowling at 1:15    
                   We Bowl at Colonial Lanes at the corner of Primrose/Livingston
                   We pay $7.00 a week which covers bowling, banquet and prize money.  
                   The league runs from September to May, with Thanksgiving and  
                   Christmas off.

If interested and  need more information contact  Betty Hay 352-243-0840.

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Golf:  Call Phil Morrison at ( 407-788-9358) for information

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Round Dancing:
REALM Rounders - REALM Rounders dance every Monday afternoon from one o'clock until three o'clock at the Beardall Senior Center. We have one basic class a year. We teach the two-step basics and the waltz basics. Then we learn the dances. After dancing these for a while, we go into the Cha-Cha, and Rumba. We also do the basics for Foxtrot and Bolero. Every so often, we will do a line dance.

During the year we have special parties and dinners.

Round dancing is similar to ball room dancing but in round dancing we dance in a circle, one couple follows a couple and everyone does the same steps at the same time, and a person called a crier tells them what to do.

We dance to all popular music, country music, and we have a great time doing it. So, come out one Monday afternoon and join us and wee what it's all about.

Please contact teachers and criers Jan Shankle, (407) 855-3300.

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The Bridge Group is always looking for REALMs who play bridge, or would like to, and would like to play in a non-critical group of friendly folks like we are. To play as a regular or as a substitute, just call Ben Drexler 407-293-5957. We play every Friday at the Beardall Senior Center, 0930 to about 1430.

We furnish tea and coffee, bring your own sandwich or what-ever..  

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The REALM golf group disbanded several years ago, but retirees can still join fellow retirees and other non-Lockheed Martin retirees in a group called “Dusty’s Duffers”.  The Duffers  have been in existence for > 20 years and have had many retirees as members.  The Duffers have approximately 150 members and typically 70 t0 100 members play each week on Wednesday.  We play golf courses all over central Florida and typically pay less than $30 per round with free range balls included.  We also have an end of the year party that includes a modified team scramble, a free meal with door prizes and money awards for the lowest team scores.  
The Duffers have 4 handicap groupings and each group has cash prizes for the lowest 3 net scores.  There is also an optional skins contest for each grouping. A skin won means the player had the lowest score within his handicap group on a given hole after taking into account his handicap.
If you are interested in learning more about the Duffers, please contact Phil Morrison at philhmorr@cfl.rr.com to receive the user name and password to access our website at  http://www.dustysduffers.com.  The website lists all the courses we will play during the year and also has a membership form.  There is a $25 membership fee that is used to offset the cost of the year end party and cover operating costs.