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The best Photography club in Central Florida meets twice a month at the The Marks Street Senior Recreation Complex 99 East Marks Street, Orlando, FL 32803.  For meeting details go to the Orlando Camera Club website at http://www.orlandocameraclub.com.

Great articles on Photography is at OCC eLibrary at http://www.orlandocameraclub.com/elibrary.htm

For the best discussion that I have ever seen on photography and making color photographs go to http://www.normankoren.com/   You will be blown away.

Camera Simulator (Digital Single Lens Reflex) http://camerasim.com/camera-simulator/

Create dramatic black and white photographs

Take a great photograph every time, 10 tips

Photographing Fireworks

Using your camera

Photography Composition

The Eyes are the Sole of the Picture

How I take pictures at the club luncheons

Photography fundamentals: take better pictures

Portraits, Action shots, and People shots Not-so-formal portraits

Digital Camera Shooting Techniques

Repairing Photographs

Touching up Digital Photographs

Resizing pictures for E-mail  

Adding large pictures to a website that download quickly

Sending Large pictures by E-mail with Windows Movie maker 

Red Eye Removal

Brightness and Contrast

Adding Photographs to a website

Color and More  An excellent coarse on color photography

Fixing Color Photographs

The Mystery of the Mask in Photoshop  How to use masks

Adobe Photoshop Elements Manual - 5 meg pdf file

Center Hill Excursion Trip

Rushmore to Salt Lake City

Editing Photos Slide Show

Creating a Business Card with Photoshop Elements

Landscape Photography

Photography Techniques from HP

Understanding Macro Photography

Web Size Pix with Resolution

Italy Slide Show 2011

Paris pictures