IIn Memoriam

Curtis Ammons’ wife, Betty Lou, – February 10, 2015

Curtis Ammons – March 1, 2015

(The above two deaths last year were recently reported)

Shadine Manzer’s  husband, Robert – March 31

Laverne (Vern) Platt – April 2

David Thomas – April 5

Christian Bauer – April 6

Mary Ann Butler – April 14

Kenneth Giessuebel – April 15

Robert (Bob) Vincent – April 18

Jack Longfellow – April 18

Joe Pullara’s son, Joseph III – April 19

Joseph (Joe) Stokes – April 20

Care and Concern

Carolyn Kistler recently learned that Jeanne Johnstone passed away two years ago.  She spoke to Lynn Hayworth about having a few lines put in our newsletter for those who will remember Jeanne.  According to her obituary from Burn’s Funeral Home in Perry, Florida, here are the facts:

Jeanne was born in Geneva, AL on February 29, 1924 (so she always claimed to have a birthday only every four years!) and passed away at the age of 89.  She had been married to Stony Johnstone, Orlando’s Chief of Police, and had a son, Daniel, both of whom predeceased her.  She was survived by her step-son, William Johnstone, of North Carolina. 

Jeanne was Jim Houser’s long-time secretary.  She retired from Martin Marietta in 1987 and was greatly missed by many friends and coworkers.  She was a fun-loving Southern gal and there was never a dull moment when she was around.  Wherever Jeanne is now, there is certainly a party going on!