In Memorium August 2016

Matthew Cooper’s wife, Joanita – Sept 18, 2015

Wallace Erdman’s widow, Vernell – June 30

William (Bill) Waldrop – July 15

Vito Elicio – July 26

Robert Pelletier’s wife, Pauline – July 27

Sylvia Williamson Abney – July 30

Roger Shope – July 30

Care & Concern – September
Dr. Harold Cates suffered a T.I.A. (mini stroke) on July 28 and spent three days in the hospital.  He is at home resting comfortably under the watchful eye of Sue, who recently underwent surgery on her shoulder.  Dr. Cates gives a lot of credit to the Man upstairs for watching over them.  They will greatly appreciate our continuing prayers on their behalf.


Bob Rawa had his left hip replaced at Florida Hospital/North on July 20.  After only two days, he was sent home where he could enjoy the tender loving care of his wonderful wife, Erma!
Our thoughts and prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.

Marty Harris has moved from his apartment at ‘The Village on the Green’ and is now a permanent resident at the ‘Health Center’ at VOTG.  He enjoys having company, so when you’re in the Longwood area, stop in and visit with him!  He is looking forward to seeing his friends at the REALM luncheon that will be held there on September 14, hosted by Arlene and Steve Guss.