In Memoriam

Benjamin Witmer - August 11

Betty Wright – December 22, 2016

B.B. (Dusty) Rhodes – July 22

Floyd Garton – July 28

Jerry Ferm – August 2

George Brady – August 7

Al Brown’s wife, Betty – August 9

Ralph Chabot – August 10

Bill Recker’s wife, Straucie – August 14

Michael Davish’s widow, Irene – August 26

Care & Concern

Al Brown's wife, Betty, is in Intensive Care at Health Central Hospital following unexpected emergency surgery.  We will keep Betty and Al in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

 Phil Wolkens’ daughter, Dawne, has been fighting cancer since 2013 and is currently undergoing further treatment at ORMC.  Phil and his wife, Pat, would greatly appreciate our prayers for their family at this time.

 Jim Minear has good news to report regarding his wife, Betty, who suffered a stroke on June 1st.  She has been at  Anchor Rehab since June 8th, but she is going home on August 5th where she will be undergoing therapy for a while.  Betty is happy, Jim is happy, and Merry, the cat is happy, so what more could we ask!

 The last time Margarette Copeland’s name was mentioned in this column was in 2016 when she was undergoing chemo treatments at the Cancer Center in Altamonte Springs.  After ten months of chemo, her cancer was gone.  In January, 2017 she had three spots removed from her liver; thankfully, a later CT scan found no cancer in her liver – great news!  So we were all delighted to see her at the REALM luncheon in Mt. Dora on July 18th looking ‘hale and hearty’!  She said she received such good support from Lockheed Martin, her family, friends from the FL Altamonte Hospital where she volunteers, and her neighbors.  We’re hoping our thoughts, prayers and positive thinking contributed to her good news!