“In Memoriam” – July/August

Charlotte Ball – May 10

Jerry Lauer – May 15

William (Bill) Hughey – May 16

Marge Westerman’s husband, Ray – May 22

Steven Summers – May 24

Salvatore DeAngelo – May 25

Doug Groseclose – May 26

John Hill – May 26

Monna Perry – June 5

Dean Warren – June 5

Larry Martin – June 7

Humbert Fernandez’ wife, Shirley – June 12

James (Jim) Berry – June 17

Carol Bergman – June 23

Fred Fallman’s wife, Jane – June 25

Tom Bayston’s wife, Marie – June 25

Dr. Harold Cates and his wife, Sue, have been enjoying life since he retired – traveling, participating in mission trips, attending reunions in Key West, and other exciting adventures.  However, they have both been dealing with health issues along the way, the latest being Sue’s knee surgery followed by shoulder surgery in June to repair her rotary cuff and a bicep tear. She will soon start physical therapy and hopes to regain full strength in her shoulder in time for their forthcoming trip in September. We wish them well and pray for no more serious health issues in their future!