In Memoriam – March

Dorothy Averill – November 1

Tony Narushka’s son, Anthony – November 23

Roderick (Rick) Gray-Lewis – January 11

Rebecca (Becky) Branham – January 15

Henri Casenove – January 19

Donna Dickerson - January 23

Care & Concern

Margarette Copeland is not anxious to have a repeat of her last ten months.  As mentioned in the February issue of the REALM News, she had a triple by-pass in December, 2014 and although she spent time at ‘The Village on the Green’ undergoing therapy, she was unable to join her friends on a cruise in March.  Unfortunately, on October 22, 2015, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent surgery on the 29th.  She returned to ‘The Village on the Green’ for therapy on November 5th and was discharged on the 18th.  She is home now and feeling good.  We’ll keep her in our prayers for a speedy recovery.