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Administrative Coordinator
The Administrative Coordinator is Nancy Hulcher 407 851-7404 Email at NPHulcher AT aol.com

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Roster/Data: Prepares and maintains computer augmented Membership lists and member data.   2600 records of active, inactive, and corporate names are kept on an Access data base file. If there are any changes in address, spouse, or  telephone number please notify Ed Jones  6516 Matchett Rd Orlando, FL 32809, or telephone 407-859-3766.  The best way is via e-mail atcjones21 at cfl.rr.com

The REALM newsletter labels are printed from this database and sorted for bulk mail. If you move and do not notify us the newsletter will not be forwarded to you. It will be returned to us and we will be charged $.50 for address correction. This is why it is important for you to give us address correction.

We do not have the capability to keep and execute a summer and winter address.

Dues are delinquent at the end of January.

For further information call Ed Jones at 407-859-3766,  cjones21 AT cfl.rr.com

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Issues annual membership ID cards, assists members and prospective members on membership questions. For more information, please contact: Ann Hartle, (407) 862-8282.   annhartle AT earthlink.net

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The newsletter is assembled at the Marks Street Senior Center at 9:00 AM on the third Monday of every month. Volunteers are needed. All that is required is a willingness to help. The duties include folding or inserting, stapling, putting mail labels on, and sacking the mail.

Coffee and donuts and a lot of fellowship are available.

For further information contact Al Courney 407 876-4574 rucou4 at embarqmail.com.

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REALM Schedules:
Prepares and maintains a schedule of all REALM sponsored activities, travel, and events.

For more information, please contact Linda Schaidt, 407-880-3121, e-mail Lindas AT cfl.rr.com.

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Calling Communication:
Makes phone calls to New Retired Members to see if they would like to join REALM.  

For more information, please contact Ann Hartle, 407-862-8282, e-mail annhartle AT earthlink.net

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Application Form:
The Application Form to join REALM.  Print it out and send to:
Mr. Steve Marcerau, Treasurer

3208 E. Colonial Dr          

Box #302

Orlando, FL 32803

Phone: 407-877-0263 or  Cell  321-231-2324

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Member Roster:
A list of members, their email address can be obtained by contacting Ed Jones.

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An on-line version of the REALM Constitution.