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The Home page is an index of everything on the website.  There are three columns. 

The first column is club business which includes, the presidents message, minutes of the Executive board meeting, a recent copy of the newsletter, Lockheed Martin's newsletter, e-mail address of members, our constitution, an application for membership, REALM Operations is a filing cabinet of our document formats.

The e-mail addresses throughout this website have been altered so that the @ sign in the email address has been replaced with AT.  This is an attempt to foil search engines and e-mail harvesting software tools.  The e-mail addresses on this website are not for distribution of commercial business.

The second column is announcements of all of the club activities.

The right hand yellow column is pictures of all of our events

The left hand brown column is the navigation bar that is on all pages.  This is a quick way to jump between all web pages.

If you have any suggestions on this website please contact Ed Jones at cjones21 at cfl.rr.com.